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1982 Chevrolet Corvette Collector Edition - From the R. Goldman Collection

A Corvette you are not afraid to use as a daily driver. The 1982 Collector Editions’ level of refinement was unparalleled in Corvette history. The seats and door panels were upholstered with a multi-tone silver-beige leather. Hard trim was either silver-beige or dark brown, both colors which matched various exterior surfaces. The carpet was a cut above that used in the rest of the 1982 model run. Collector Editions came standard with tinted glass top panels, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, special insignias on the inside and outside, a rear window defogger, 255/60-15 Goodyear radials, a 2.87:1 axle ratio and a power antenna. Those items were either options or not available at all on other 1982 models.