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1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

This convertible is a complete restoration 300 miles ago. Engine size 390, automatic transmission. It features electric windows, power vents, cloth top, new seat foam and upholstery. Stainless exhaust, electronic sequencer turn signals, electronic top relay system and new AM/FM with speakers installed. Has factory air but not charged.


Nothing was forgotten during this restoration: engine, transmission, brakes, rear axle and power vents. In contrast to the rounded, rocket-ship styling of previous models, the fourth generation Thunderbird had square, chiseled features with a longer hood and redesigned deck lid. A new grille and bumper set off the front of the car, with left and right turn signal indicators sitting atop the front fenders. The tail panel housed large rectangular tail lamps. The interior of the 1964 T-bird was one of the nicest of the day, with an array of technically sophisticated controls and gauges flanking the dash panel. Thinner, form-fitting front seats, and contoured rear seats with a fold-down armrest added both comfort and style. A total of 92,465 T-birds were sold.