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1959 Ford Galaxie Convertible

This Galaxie has power steering. Engine size 292 Y-Block, automatic transmission. Features stainless exhaust, power breaks new fuel tank, seat upholstery, carpet, vinyl top, red/black/white interior and original radio converted to AM/FM. The 1959 Ford models were introduced in late 1958 with the Fairlane 500 as the top trim level. During the 1959 model year the Galaxie was added to the range as an additional trim level, assuming the top position from the Fairlane 500. The Galaxie was offered with the same sedan and hardtop body styles as the Fairlane 500 while the Sunliner and Skyliner convertibles were moved across from the Fairlane 500 range.


In keeping with the era, the 1959 Galaxie was a chrome and stainless steel-bedecked vehicle with optional two-tone paint. It was the very image of the ostentatious late-1950s American automobiles, though somewhat tamer than its Chevrolet and Plymouth competitors.


Ford advertised “safety anchorage” for the front seats. The parking brake was now a pedal. Seat belts, a padded dashboard, and child-proof rear door locks were optional, while a deep-dished steering wheel and double-door locks were standard.